Highlighting the Extraordinary Within the Everyday 'Ordinary'.

Laith Khalaf is a photographer and filmmaker based in Felixstowe, Suffolk, who primarily operates within the Suffolk, Essex and London regions.

Laith seeks to capture the unique charm he sees within the everyday ‘ordinary’ to create extraordinary stories and pieces of emotive artwork that make connections with the viewer.


More Than Just an Image.


With the intent to evoke emotion and draw attention to the presence of this magnificent beauty that encompasses us if we just take the time to properly notice, Laith’s work will transform the way you see and appreciate the world around you.

Offering a wide variety of sublime photographic images and styles, with each piece individually centred around its own story. From atmospheric landscapes and the majestic natural world, to the wonders of architectural brilliance and urban photographic art, you’ll find a subject and style to transform any environment.

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