Product Styles



Giclée Fine Art Print


The Giclée Fine Art Print is a high-end print of superior quality. The pigment-based inks allow the depth and richness of the image to shine through. They are designed to retain tonality and last. With top-quality paper from Fujifilm, the prints will be professionally printed with a fine art flair. The paper type has been specifically chosen for its textured smooth finish.

Framed Giclée Fine Art Print

Showcase photographic art with traditional sophistication and style in a classic Vintage or minimalist Modern wooden frame. The Vintage is an elegant black wood frame featuring several small step drops leading to a recess with the print inset, complete with a subtle yet effective wood grain finish. The Modern features a chic straight-line design with soft minimalist details in a satin black finish.


Canvas Wrap


Produce a stylish atmosphere with pure elegance by introducing a photo printed on traditional canvas, carefully wrapped on a solid wood stretcher frame. With its unique matte surface texture, the canvas wrap creates a warm, classic look and emphasises the image’s natural charisma. Whether selecting a grand statement piece or a collage of canvases, the canvas wrap will beautify even the smallest of walls.

Fine Art Print Under

Acrylic Glass

A fine art print under crystal clear glossy acrylic glass, with a sturdy aluminium Dibond backing and slightly blunted corners. When mounted under acrylic glass, the properties of the photograph are intensified highlighting the vivid colours and enhancing the impression of depth. Durable and made to last a lifetime, the fine art print under acrylic glass adds elegance to any space.


Metallic Art Print


Stylish, eye-catching photographic art made of a sleek, ultra-thin glossy aluminium panel. The Metallic Art Print is an exquisite wall art feature that creates a talking point in any venue or home. It is weather and water-resistant, making it suited for sheltered outdoor display. Extremely robust yet low in weight, even in large formats, the Metallic Art Print provides a modern look, for unforgettable works of art that will last and last.

Rare Edition Fine Art Piece

Create a distinguished look with a Rare Edition Fine Art Piece, with each unique piece created individually using the combined mediums of photography and oil painting. Presented on either giclée fine art paper or canvas to capture the 3-dimensionality of the artwork in a unique way. Stunning, luxurious, and authentic, the Rare Edition Fine Art Piece adds distinction to every setting. Extravagant artwork with real impact, each individual piece will be presented in either the classic Vintage frame, minimalist Modern frame or Canvas Wrap style.